March 18, 2024 I Operations

Major Custom Cable Announces Large-Scale Growth Initiative

Major Custom Cable's facility in Jackson, Missouri.

Major Custom Cable (MCC), a manufacturer of custom cable assemblies and member of the Neutrik Group, has announced a powerful growth initiative. In addition to adding manufacturing capacity, MCC has undergone a complete lean manufacturing transformation, positioning itself to better serve customers across a range of industries. This move is a direct result of Neutrik Group’s continued support and commitment to innovation.

Manufacturing capacity is a key element of MCC’s new attributes. A significant investment in advanced equipment and facility expansion, alongside Neutrik Group’s commitment, has enabled the company to meet the rising demand for high-value custom cable assemblies. Also, by implementing lean principles, MCC is able to streamline its production processes—minimizing waste and optimizing delivery times, further enhancing efficiency.

These changes to the company’s operations carry many benefits for customers, including faster lead times allowing MCC to better able meet tight deadlines because of increased production capacity and optimized processes. MCC’s lean manufacturing capability translates to better overall cost-effectiveness, with savings that can be passed directly to the customer. Additionally, stricter quality control ensures enhanced quality that, in turn, provides more reliable performance for the most demanding applications.

“This strategic move enables us to serve a wider range of industries and applications with confidence, knowing we can deliver the most reliable and cost-effective connectivity solutions possible,” said Jorge A. Vazquez, general manager at MCC. “The combined strengths of Major Custom Cable and the Neutrik Group create a powerful force in the custom cable assembly market.”

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