March 24, 2023 I Anniversary

Lanikai Celebrates 20 Years

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the introduction of Lanikai Ukuleles.

Lanikai’s line includes four-, five-, six- and eight-string ukuleles offered in a variety of woods with both acoustic and acoustic electric options. Ukulele sizes include soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. More recently, Lanikai launched a series of bass ukuleles in 2020. Giveaways in celebration of Lanikai’s 20th anniversary will occur throughout 2023.

“We are proud of the inspiration our instruments have provided over the past 20 years, and look forward to continuing that relationship while supporting future players in their love for the ukulele,” said Rock Clouser, Lanikai brand manager.

“I purchased my first Lanikai ukulele at 16,” said Julia Michaels, a songwriter and performer. “I remember buying one because it looked so pretty and sounded awesome. I still love playing a Lanikai today for the same reasons. I have a part within my shows where it’s just me and my Lanikai playing to the crowd. It’s really special.”

The Lanikai artist roster has continued to grow with performers who have similar stories about their love for the ukulele and their admiration for Lanikai.

“I’ve been playing Lanikai ukuleles for 18 years,” said Alec “Cheef” Poletsky, co-founder of the band Kings of Ukulele. “On stage or in the studio, they have everything I need — from tone, feel and wood choice, to cut-away access, pre-amp and strap buttons.”

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