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JP Musical Instruments Acquires Michael Rath Trombones

John Packer Musical Instruments' Rob Hanson.

John Packer Musical Instruments, a U.K.-based musical instrument retailer and manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of U.K. manufacturer Michael Rath Trombones.

The agreement will see JP Musical Instruments look after marketing, distribution and logistics for the Yorkshire business, while retaining Rath’s focus as a maker of bespoke trombones. Michael Rath will remain with the business, based at its Yorkshire site, where he will continue to share his decades of experience in manufacturing brass instruments at Rath’s facility in Huddersfield.

The acquisition of Michael Rath Trombones comes as John Packer Musical Instruments celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024 and marks a new chapter in the continued relationship between the two brands.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Michael Rath Trombones to the stable at John Packer Musical Instruments,” said Rob Hanson, director of John Packer Musical Instruments. “The two companies’ collaboration began in 2009 with the introduction of the JP Rath project, and it was always a natural progression that the relationship would evolve. With an outstanding reputation for craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail, Michael Rath Trombones are the only choice for many of the world’s leading trombone players, equally comfortable in a symphony orchestra, band, commercial or solo setting. We’re delighted Michael Rath and his full team are to remain with the business, and that he will continue to build and manufacture trombones of the highest standard at Rath’s factory in Huddersfield.”

“Dedication, determination to producing the highest-quality instruments and providing the best service possible, have been our aims for over 30 years at Michael Rath Trombones and will remain the company’s narrative,” Michael Rath said. “John Packer Musical Instruments’ acquisition creates a new, exciting chapter for Rath Trombones, enabling both expansion into new markets and significant growth in existing marketplaces.”

jpmusicalinstruments.com; rathtrombones.com

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