February 11, 2021 I Appointments

Jeff Bauer Named Part-Owner of Keyboard Concepts

Dennis Hagerty, founder and president of Keyboard Concepts, has announced that Jeff Bauer, who was named vice president of sales in June 2020, has now become part owner. Bauer will now have the title of vice president and will continue to oversee sales management.

Bauer started with music at a young age, and eventually went on to earn his Bachelor of Arts at the University of California Santa Barbara in music composition.

Before graduating UCSB in 1996, Bauer worked part-time at Michael’s Music, a local piano store in Santa Barbara, under the tutelage of owner Michael Farley.

“Ever since Jeff joined Keyboard Concepts in 1997 he has helped this company grow to being the premier source for top-quality new and used pianos, earning the respect of varied and highly distinguished clientele,” Hagerty said. “He’s invested over 23 years into sales, service and support excellence, so it’s only fitting he now has part ownership as well.”

Keyboard Concepts began in 1983, when Hagerty and former Vice President Jeff Falgien opened their first store, eventually becoming a four outlet franchise based in Southern California.


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