March 31, 2023 I Event

Hit Like A Girl Partners with Pound Fitness

Hit Like A Girl and Pound Fitness have partnered to raise awareness and promote drumming and drumming-related activities as a way to enhance physical, metal and emotional wellbeing.

“Both of our organizations have realized the power that music and rhythm have to unlock something in us that makes us feel more connected, empowered and at home in our bodies,” said Kirsten Potenza, Pound founder and CEO. “Hit Like a Girl does that through empowering young women to play drums and celebrating those that do, and Pound does that through fitness classes that allow participants to become the instrument and connect with their bodies and those around them.”

Hit Like A Girl and Pound Fitness recently joined together for a kick-off event in Los Angeles, which included a drumming-inspired, drumming-supported work-out session, a performance and the opportunity for attendees to have a hands-on drumming experience. The event concluded with an all-female panel discussion on the benefits of music and rhythmic movement on wellness that included a music therapist, professional drummer and a wellness coach with a focus on body percussion.

In addition, Pound is currently offering a free, six-month membership for its Backstage on-demand exercise courses to all Hit Like A Girl contest participants, as well as selling a specially-priced HLAGxPound Backstage bundle with all proceeds matched by Pound Fitness and going to support Hit Like A Girl’s outreach.

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