November 05, 2022 I Distribution

Hal Leonard to Distribute SlapKlatz in U.S.

Slapklatz Pro Packages

Hal Leonard has announced it’s now distributing drum dampener gel brand SlapKlatz across U.S. SlapKlatz was developed in 2009 by Danish drummer and inventor Gunnar Kristiansen and can now be found in more than 35 countries around the world.

SlapKlatz offers three models — Pro, Mini and Refillz — in four colors. The Pro and Mini products include a carrying case, while the Pro Refillz are designed with minimal packaging to prevent excess plastic and are meant as a refill option for the Pro package.

 SlapKlatz drum dampeners come in several different sizes and can be used not just on drums, but on cymbals, timbales, or any percussion instrument that might require some vibration reduction. The products are washable, reusable and extremely adhesive, so they’ll even stick to a bottom head.

“Bringing a proven great drum accessory like SlapKlatz into our company to complement the other brands we distribute like Gibraltar, Remo, and Canopus makes a lot of sense and we think there’s tremendous growth potential for such a cool product in the U.S.,” said David Cywinski, Hal Leonard sales manager — drum and percussion.

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