June 20, 2024 I Distribution

Hal Leonard Adds 3 New Distribution Lines

Hal Leonard’s MI Products Distribution Division has announced the addition of three manufacturers to its catalog.

Kali Audio is a best-in-class audio product manufacturer. In only six years, it has become the hot new monitor and subwoofer line for the more discerning customer. Its line has also become the go-to choice for the Dolby Atmos market. With the audio industry moving to spatial experiences and immersive audio, Kali is positioned to meet that demand.

Precision-mounting devices by Triad-Orbit are the ideal complementary product for Kali Audio. Along with other Hal Leonard-distributed monitors from PreSonus, IK Multimedia and Mackie, Precision has flexible and sturdy mounts for exact placements in recording, mixing and post-production spaces.

Interstellar Audio Machines is a new guitar effect pedal company. Leading with the popular Octonaut Hyperderive model, these affordable and expressive pedals are a welcomed addition in a competitive space. Other models include the Marsling, Fuzzsquatch and Supernova.

“Bringing in the Kali, Precision and Interstellar lines is based on retailer requests and market demands,” said Brad Smith, Hal Leonard vice president of MI Distribution Division. “Whether it’s outfitting a room with the right Dolby Atmos gear to making an underground ‘it’ pedal available nationwide, Hal Leonard is here to get our dealers the right products at the right time. We are thrilled to add these lines to our catalog.”


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