July 27, 2020 I Acquisition

Geneva Supply Acquires Cascio Interstate Music

From left: Geneva Supply's Mark Becker and Jeff Peterson

Geneva Supply, which provides brand strategy, digital marketing services, and supply chain solutions for Amazon and e-commerce platforms, has acquired Cascio Interstate Music, one of the largest musical instrument dealers in the U.S., through a receivership.

“One of the most exciting things about this acquisition is that we get to elevate a legendary Wisconsin business alongside us by delivering a range of musical products without geographical or distribution limitations at the same value,” said Jeff Peterson, co-founder and CEO of Geneva Supply. “Top musical instrument manufacturing companies and brands now can find and channel new customers with a trusted and valued partner.”

Founded in 1946 by Frank Cascio in Milwaukee, Cascio has become a national player in the music industry with products like Archer Guitars, Ravel Woodwinds, Melokia Ukuleles and more.

“Creating a relationship and a culture through new opportunities has always been our passion,” Peterson said. “The Milwaukee metropolitan area is fast-growing for business development and offers historic hard-working charm for us to renew and create. It is a place we have long considered to stretch our roots.”

genevasupply.com, interstatemusic.com

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