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Fender Launches Beginner Hub

Beginner Hub Bundle

Fender released the findings of its New Guitar Player Landscape Analysis, which revealed that 16 million Americans have started learning guitar over the last two years.

Additionally, the study unveiled a new culture of guitar that’s emerged as the pandemic’s allowed 77% of respondents more time to put towards their new passion. Furthermore 67% have full-time careers and cite guitar as one of their favorite hobbies alongside video games, traveling, and health and wellness, and 67% seek out guitar content on video platforms like TikTok on a weekly basis. With 72% of new players under the age of 34 and 54% identifying as non-white, Fender said it believes this new, more diverse generation promises to change the face of guitar for the digital age.

Using these findings, Fender will be launching the Beginner’s Hub, a network of online resources that includes every tool a new player needs to start, stick with and eventually master their guitar, bass or ukulele. The hub will include proprietary guitar technology, including Find Your Fender, Fender Play and Fender Tune, revolutionizing the brand’s product journey to cater to the experiences of the largest wave of new players the company has ever seen. A new chatbot has also been integrated into Fender.com. This bot will help navigate beginners to the right content and recommendations, filtering them in from “articles” and “tuner” pages at launch and will help determine what they want to do, such as learn to play, learn about guitars or make a purchase.

Fender has also curated bundles for electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar and ukulele on a section of the Beginner Hub with all being organized by level, starting with Basic on through to Beginner and Beginner+ for more familiar plaers. From the instrument and amps to accessories, these bundles feature everything needed to start playing.


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