February 05, 2024 I Acquisition

Ernie Williamson Music Acquires Marler Music, Flint Hills Music

Ernie Williamson Music has announced its recent expansion with the acquisitions of Marler Music in Park Hills, Missouri, and Flint Hills Music in Emporia, Kansas. These back-to-back acquisitions mark the fifth and sixth retail locations for Ernie Williamson Music.

Marler Music officially joined the Ernie Williamson family on December 1, 2023, while Flint Hills Music became the sixth retail location with its acquisition on Feb. 1. The acquisitions reinforce Ernie Williamson’s position as one of the largest school music dealers in the region, in addition to its place among the top dealers of major guitar and bass brands in the area.

The owners of Marler Music and Flint Hills Music independently approached Ernie Williamson Music over the past year, seeking a partner that would uphold the same level of commitment to local communities.

“We are excited about the growth and confident that we have the right team in place to handle the logistical challenges involved in this rapid expansion,” said Donovan Bankhead, owner of Ernie Williamson. “Our focus remains on delivering exceptional service and providing a wide range of musical instruments to musicians, schools and enthusiasts in these vibrant communities.”

In a company statement, Ernie Williamson Music said it looks forward to integrating Marler Music and Flint Hills Music into its network and is committed to preserving each store’s unique identity and local ties.


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