January 14, 2020 I Opening

Drumsellers.com Announces Launch Date

Drumsellers.com has set its official launch date for January 16, the first day of The Namm Show. Over the past 18 months of development, founder George Lawrence and his team have worked with early users to develop the platform as a competitor for complementary sites like Reverb and other outlets used by drum shops and vintage drum dealers.

“We’ve been working to keep the site streamlined and attractive and to provide the basic services that our sellers need most,” said Lawrence. “Our key customers are the retailers and manufacturers of new gear who want to sell direct, and we are better able to serve more of them as we grow.”

“I allow free want ads, trade listings, commenting and discussion, and offer multiple payment options,” Lawrence said. “There are fewer constraints for sellers at Drumsellers.com. The restrictions, fees and penalties on eBay and Amazon have become oppressive to many sellers. As someone who was in the business, I understand the issues my sellers face. I’m on their side.”


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