February 09, 2024 I Philanthropy

D’Addario Foundation, Hungry for Music Receives Large Donation

The donation of 3,500 band and orchestra instruments.

The D’Addario Foundation and Hungry for Music have announced they’ve received a donation of more than 3,500 instruments.

Ronni Ginott, the owner of two instrument rental companies in Connecticut, was ready to retire but instead of selling-off her large inventory, the former school music teacher decided to reach out to the two organizations with an offer to donate all the remaining musical instruments. The D’Addario Foundation and Hungry for Music became the recipients of the gift, amounting to roughly 3,500 band and orchestral instruments.

According to a statement by the foundation, Ginott’s donation came at an opportune time as the D’Addario Foundation recently embarked on its newest project: the Immersive Music Challenge. Aligned with that project, many of the donated instruments will be used to help schools across the U.S. launch new, immersive music programs for the 2024–2025 school year.

Jeff Campbell, founder and director of Hungry for Music, worked nearly every day for weeks to make space and get the instruments safely stored by the November deadline. He rallied dozens of volunteers, reaching out to many folks in his neighborhood, including a non-profit located next door to the warehouse, who helped clear out a massive amount of heavy shelving.

The transfer of the inventory required several loads in vans, 26-foot trailers, and even a 52-foot trailer, but the instruments are now at Hungry for Music and D’Addario facilities, ready to be inventoried, assessed, repaired if necessary, and donated to students in need.


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