May 26, 2023 I Philanthropy

D’Addario Foundation Awards $221K in Grants

Participants in foundation grantee Guitars Over Guns.

The D’Addario Foundation has announce the award of $221,000 in monetary and product grants to 96 music education programs, spanning across 26 U.S. states and four countries. Of the 96 awardees, 92% are receiving renewed support from the foundation. In total, an estimated 140,000 children will receive high-quality instruction and instruments as a result of these grants.

Among the 8% of new award recipients is Miami Music Project, an El Sistema-inspired program operating in six South Florida communities to serve families and students with great potential and great need. Over the past six years, 100% of high school seniors in Miami Music Project have graduated and pursued higher education, a statistic that is common in many of the programs the Foundation supports.

When selecting grantee partners, the D’Addario Foundation often places focus on the frequency with which participants in the program receive instruction. The emphasis on instruction frequency is founded on data from a number of studies, which expressly link socioemotional and neurological benefits to active participation in music. The more frequently a child participates, the more benefits they reap.

The D’Addario Foundation conducts two grant cycles per year. During each, non-profit organizations may apply for support, after first submitting an initial letter of inquiry. Prospective non-profits must clearly illustrate critical elements for success, including intensity and need, leadership strength, sustainability and community commitment.

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