June 09, 2023 I Philanthropy

D’Addario Foundation Awards 10 College Scholarships

A few of the D'Addario scholarship recipients for 2023.

For the fifth year, The D’Addario Foundation has awarded 10 college scholarships to students who participated in a foundation grantee-organization, community-based music program.

The non-profit D’Addario Foundation established a college scholarship fund in 2018 to distribute merit- and need-based scholarships to socioeconomically disadvantaged youth. In order to receive a scholarship, a student must study music in a grantee organization for multiple years and show great promise but lack the resources to attend college or trade school.

In the last five years, The D’Addario Foundation College Scholarship has been awarded to 53 students in total — more than 80% being first-generation college students. This year also marks a special milestone for the program — the very first group of scholarship recipients, who began college in the fall of 2019, are graduating from their undergraduate programs.


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