December 11, 2023 I Anniversary, Event

Customers of Ray Fransen’s Drum Center Throw Store Surprise Party

Ray Fransen and Frank D'Arcangelo. Photo courtesy of Ray Fransen's Drum Center's Facebook.

In a display of appreciation for their local drum shop, a dedicated group of customers, former employees and former students of Ray Fransen’s Drum Center orchestrated a surprise party on Nov. 12 at a local performance venue for the Kenner, Louisiana-based dealership’s 40th anniversary.

Owner Ray Fransen said the store’s actual anniversary was on Sept. 1 and was acknowledged by the store with “an email of thanks and a special sale.”

“A committee was formed undercover by current customers and former employees and students who then networked invitations to everyone they could locate,” Fransen explained. “Myself and my staff were lured under the premise of hearing a reunion band’s performance and [we were] completely blindsided by a catered party of about 200 [guests], which included a proclamation by the mayor, a series of very heartwarming testimonials from attendees, and even a video presentation of congratulations from Peter Erskine, David Garabaldi and many more of the clinicians our store had sponsored over the years. It was a tremendous event that [myself] and [my] manager of 40 years, Frank D’Arcangelo, will treasure for the rest of [our] days.”

During the surprise party, Fransen addressed the crowd with his gratitude for their dedication to his company.

“I told the crowd I’ve always taken great satisfaction in seeing the successes of my students and customers,” he shared with Music Inc. “Being involved in music as a player, teacher and retailer for any great length of time is a reward in itself.”

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