August 01, 2022 I Legal

Armadillo Owner Speaks Out on Executive Change

A letter sent to the press on August 1 from Pam Rubinson, owner of Armadillo Enterprises and wife of the late founder Elliott Rubinson, disclosed that her son, Evan Rubinson, who had served as president and CEO of the company since 2016, has been “removed from his role.”

Armadillo Enterprises, which is based in Tampa, Florida, is a manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments and owns the Dean Guitars, ddrum and Luna Guitars brands.

The note continued that the team is “committed to continuing the legacy of Dean, ddrum and Luna created by Elliott Rubinson.”

Multiple outlets have now reported that Evan Rubinson is facing a lawsuit from Pam Rubinson, accusing her son of embezzling over $420,000 from his late father’s company Thoroughbred Music Inc. According to, Evan Rubinson said that he “vehemently and wholeheartedly” denies “every aspect” of the lawsuit.

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