February 09, 2024 I Supply

ACT Entertainment Unveils New Lava Cable Branding

The new Lava Cables packaging and branding.

ACT Entertainment has redesigned its Lava Cable branding. While the products, which are designed to improve tone, functionality and durability, will remain the same, the brand’s logo, packaging and marketing materials will be enhanced to showcase its position as a boutique audio solution.

ACT Entertainment, which acquired Lava Cable in 2019 under RHC Holdings, said in a company statement that it aims to honor the company’s history by revamping the brand with a 21st century look that will appeal to professionals.

“Lava Cable has always been a top-of-the-line brand, and now its packaging will make it look as good as it sounds,” said Shawn Wells, ACT Entertainment market manager for pro A/V and artist relations. “Bringing Lava into our roster helped us expand our product offerings to a greater share of musicians, engineers and audio aficionados, and these updates are a way for us to showcase our appreciation for its position in the industry.”


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