January 09, 2020 I The Marketing Guru I by Tracy Hoeft

Win in Social Media With Video

Music dealers often ask what they should post on their store’s social media account. But an equally critical question is: What format should you use? More and more, companies are choosing video.

The Video Edge

Video is consistently winning in all types of online posting today. Video allows you to tell a deeper story and get more mindshare with your potential customers. When posting to Facebook or Instagram, those platforms’ algorithms prioritize video, and therefore, will give you more exposure.

Video is consistently winning in all types of online posting today.

With today’s technology, you can create great videos using just your mobile phone and some simple apps. Don’t get hung up on trying to create the perfect video. Your followers will prefer raw and real over a high production value video. For most social platforms, the optimal length is short — often under one minute. This shorter length and your audience’s preference for a mid-quality level make video easier to produce than ever. You can develop an efficient way to create videos and utilize some of these ideas below to get started.

The following are four video ideas for music retailers.

Idea No. 1: Use Video To Educate

You want to build a relationship with customers, and creating videos that teach them something they want to know will build trust and appreciation. If you want to sell more guitars, create content that helps your customers learn about the newest models or gives them helpful insights into features and upgrades. Make a video about how to get a specific tone or solve a problem your customers often encounter. Video posts that give your customers information that they want will encourage them to follow you and engage with you on social media.

Idea No. 2: Use Video To Entertain Your Customers

Let’s not forget that we are all in the entertainment business. I bet you can make some really entertaining videos that showcase the personality of your store. Are you a great player, or do you have someone on your staff who is really talented? There’s always that one guy on every staff. Create a video with them playing some of the gear in your store. A video with someone playing gets people asking about the price of the product if it is in stock and how you recorded it. This is a customer’s way of moving toward a purchase from you.

Idea No. 3: Tell Customers Why They Should Buy From You

Musicians have many options on where to buy the products that you sell. So, why would they buy from you? We find that too few stores ask and answer that question from the perspective of the consumer. Every day, we interact with dealers that excel in customer service like after-the-sale support or providing valuable insights to help a customer select the correct gear, but they rarely tell that story. Telling this story should be a part of your social media posting plan, and video provides a rich format to do that.

Idea No. 4: Supercharge Testimonials With Video

If you have been in business for a while, you likely have loyal customers who would be thrilled to tell the world how awesome you are. These are your unofficial ambassadors. Use social media to let them tell the world about your store. Capture videos of customers talking about your store and how you have helped them. Another option is to get short quotes and feature them in posts. Get a video of your customers playing the product they bought from you and talking about it to blend something that is entertaining and showcases your store and the products you offer.

We want to see your business squeeze every drop of potential from the time you invest in your social media posting, and video gives you the competitive edge you need. MI

Tracy Hoeft is the president of Amplify 11, a marketing firm specializing in the musical instrument industry.

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