January 28, 2021 I Next Gen Retailing I by NAMM YP

NAMM YP Believes

We, the NAMM Young Professionals Board of Directors, believe NAMM’s Believe in Music Week, scheduled January 18–22, is a unique and perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity for you, your staff and your business. This digital event connects buyers and sellers and provides online educational events for you and your staff, as well as gives you a place to take in some well-needed virtual entertainment and live music. Consider what you’ll be getting from this new, virtual event.

Believe in Music Week will offer something for literally everyone. Have you ever wished that you could take your entire staff to The NAMM Show? Have you ever sat and thought, how do I even begin to describe what the experience of The NAMM Show is to colleagues, band directors, private students, musicians or general enthusiasts? Now you can. Believe in Music Week gives access to just that.

No, this is not your typical NAMM Show, and it is not meant to replace it. In comparison, it’s the newest, hottest, best virtual event. You can register your entire team for free. There is going to be something for everyone: educational sessions, product engagement, live chats, live performances and more. If there is a product your team or customers have been waiting to see launch, they can likely see it during Believe in Music Week! And likely any question about a career in MI can be answered during these five days as well. If you’re struggling to get through this pandemic successfully or understand this new virtual world being thrown at you, Believe in Music Week can help.

The event being offered virtually is a huge benefit and important to the new normal we’ve lived with over the past year. We have to adapt to and thrive in a virtual world, even if only temporarily. That’s why Believe in Music Week is perfect for right now. In attending Believe in Music Week, you’re not limited by geography. If you previously thought California was too far or too expensive, that’s no concern here, as no need for travel significantly cuts down on expenses. Scheduling conflicts will be less of an issue in this virtual world, as you can manage how you experience Believe in Music Week right at your fingertips. And the entire thing is, of course, being recorded, so if you miss something you will be able to catch it later when you do have time.

And don’t forget to check out our NAMM YP session, “NAMM YP: Lessons Learned and Moving Forward from the Pandemic.” NAMM YP is excited that we were asked to put together a presentation for Believe in Music Week. Our Executive Committee — which includes President Jeremy McQueary, Vice President Jeremy Payne and Secretary Melissa Ceo — sat down and discussed the lessons they learned as they led through the pandemic, as well as how they see MI emerging from it. Their conversation during their session at Believe in Music Week will cover many different topics. These range from how customers’ behaviors have changed to what opportunities and challenges have presented themselves and how MI retailers adjusted, as well as what they’d do differently if they could go back to the start of the coronavirus quarantine. Make sure you take some time and check out the session, as well as take part in all that NAMM’s Believe in Music Week has to offer. Hopefully, we will all come out of this stronger than we went in and be able to see each other again soon. MI

NAMM Young Professionals consists of young professionals in the music industry. Get involved by visiting nammyp.com.

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