June 06, 2023 I My Turn I by Mary Luehrsen

Advocating for Music Education: Proactive, Positive & Perpetual

Those of us who work for NAMM are proud of its service and accomplishments. High on the list is the NAMM Show and NAMM’s ability to convene stakeholders in creative industries from around the world. NAMM member support and education are also at the top, offering business training and networking critical to success. And year-round, NAMM relentlessly advocates for the right of all children to learn and grow with music. This work benefits all NAMM members — large and small — and is a shared effort where we stand together, regardless of size or brand, and work to reinforce the importance of music as vital to a well-rounded education for all children.

NAMM’s Music Education Advocacy D.C. Fly-In gathers NAMM members for training and in-person meetings with Members of Congress. Efforts throughout the year are supported by frequent calls to action where every NAMM member can make a difference in policy and funding decisions for music education. I urge you to take a minute today and, using this tool created by NAMM’s advocacy partners at NAfME, ask your elected officials to support funding for music education. Please share this with your network, as well.

Policymakers pay attention to their constituents, and despite the tsunami of negative messaging to the contrary, our collective voice has a substantial impact. Thank you for your efforts to ensure the joys and benefits of learning music are part of every child’s education. MI

Mary Luehrsen is the senior advisor for public policy at NAMM, as well as the executive director of The NAMM Foundation.

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