April 28, 2023Audio & Recording



Yorkville Sound has rolled out the YXL18SP powered subwoofer, ideal for working DJs and musicians. The YXL18SP is the latest addition to the YXL Series, Yorkville’s new line of high-quality and affordable powered cabinets. The first subwoofer in the YXL lineup, the 15-inch YXL15SP, was released in 2022. The new 18-inch YXL18SP continues to offer Yorkville Sound’s ratio of power, performance and value for an active subwoofer enclosure. Providing 1,000 watts with efficient speaker components, the YXL18SP is easy to transport and can be maneuvered to achieve the desired sound coverage. Yorkville Sound’s YXL line includes options for 10-, 12- and 15-inch full-range speakers.


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