September 11, 2023Drums & Percussion


FGDP Series

Yamaha has released the FGDP series, its first-ever, all-in-one finger drum pads. Designed for players at all skill levels, the new FGDP-30 and FGDP-50 finger drum pads are ergonomically designed and packed with robust built-in sounds. Equipped with high-quality preset sounds and streamlined pad layout for ease of use, the FGDP series boasts a velocity switch and polyphonic aftertouch sensor allow for dynamic drumming techniques. The FGDP-30 (pictured) features ergonomic ultra-sensitive pads, 48 preset kits and 1,500 voices with USB MIDI and audio, while the FGDP-50 includes all of the features of the FGDP-30 plus session songs, eight additional RGB pads, a note repeat function and a playback sampler.

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