November 12, 2021Audio & Recording


Vidami Blue

Vidami has released its new Vidami Blue, a multi-mode controller that frees musicians to learn, perform and create without limits. Featuring a wireless Bluetooth connection, Vidami Blue works with desktop/laptop/Chromebook computers, iPads and iPhones. Like its predecessor, the Vidami Blue video looper pedal manages the video controls of YouTube as well as more than 35 other online learning websites — making learning to play a breeze by letting players keep their hands on their instruments and off the mouse. In addition to the aforementioned online video control mode, Vidami Blue also features a DAW control mode which is compatible with most major digital audio workstations on MacOS or Windows and allows users to record, add new tracks, jump forward and back, add a metronome and more, all hands-free. Vidami Blue’s third mode handles page turning and tab scrolling. This mode is also a valuable tool for live performers to change playlists, lyric sheets or sheet music on their iPad, hands-free.

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