January 16, 2023Audio & Recording

Universal Audio

Sphere Mics

Universal Audio’s new UA Sphere DLX and Sphere LX microphones are now shipping. UA Sphere mics let users change mic type, polar pattern and other characteristics even after tracking. Each UA Sphere condenser features models of classic mics from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Sony and more, with dual mode for blended mic combinations, real-time UAD processing for low-latency recording with Apollo interfaces, and included presets for achieving professional sound quickly. The UA Sphere DLX (pictured) features emulations of 38 classic studio mics, while the UA Sphere LX offers 20 mic models in a smaller package. Each features IsoSphere technology for reducing room coloration, along with gold-sputtered diaphragms and the lowest noise of any mic in its respective class.


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