July 06, 2024Drums & Percussion


22-inch HHX Tempest Ride & AAX 18-inch Rocktagon Cymbals

SABIAN has re-released the 22-inch HHX Tempest Ride and the AAX 18-inch Rocktagon cymbals. Originally released as part of SABIAN’s Vault Drop program, both of these cymbals were only available for a limited time, but due to popular demand, both cymbals have now been added into the SABIAN catalog on a permanent basis. The 18-inch AAX Rocktagon has the same eight-sided shape as its predecessor from the 1980s, but that’s where the similarity ends. This version is a thin crash weight with a raw un-hammered bell and pinpoint lathing that combine with the eight-sided shape to produce an immediate nasty crash with quick decay. The 22-inch HHX Tempest is a multi-application cymbal with an incredible dynamic range. A specially modified HHX hammer peen brings a unique look, feel and sound to this cymbal.


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