Juno-60 Software Synthesizer

Roland’s Juno-60 Software Synthesizer is the latest addition to the Legendary series of software-based Roland instruments available through Roland Cloud. The original Roland Juno-60 hardware synth helped define the sound of ’80s music. With the Juno-60 Software Synthesizer, the authentic experience of this keyboard is now available as a modern software instrument for Mac and Windows DAWs. The Juno-60 Software Synthesizer fully captures the original’s balanced magic and enhances it with useful modern additions. Users have the ability to switch to the HPF circuit of the next-generation Juno-106 and its characteristic bass bump. The oscillator range has also been extended, and there’s a second envelope for extra flexibility. Polyphony has been expanded to eight notes, with the option to limit it to the original’s six or less for an old-school vibe.

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