June 10, 2022Drums & Percussion


New Flat Rides

In response to renewed interest in Flat Rides, Paiste has reintroduced models from the Formula 602, 2002 and Traditionals series, as well as the addition of a new model in the Masters series. In the late 1960s, Paiste developed the idea of a cymbal without a bell. This resulted in the Flat Ride concep. The medium lightweight 20- and 22-inch Masters Dark Flat Ride models complement the Masters series with a dark and complex variation on the typical Flat Ride characteristic. The medium lightweight 20- and 22-inch Signature Traditionals Light Flat Ride models have dark and complex qualities overall, yet the ping offers silvery highs and clarity. With its softer sound and feel, this model is well suited for quieter settings. The lightweight 18-, 20- and 22-inch Formula 602 Thin Flatride models feature the purity and clarity typical of Formula 602 cymbals. These buttery soft cymbals are ideal for delicate playing at low volumes. The 18- and 20-inch 2002 Flatride models mirror the brilliance and warmth of the 2002 series. This model is an ideal companion when subtlety and definition paired with radiant presence and a bit more strength are required. The new models join the 20-inch Formula 602 Medium Flatride, which was previously released with the Formula 602 relaunch.


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