April 15, 2024Drums & Percussion

Nordic Shells

Jasper-Style Shell

Nordic Shells has launched a Jasper-style shell. The thick maple and gum combination is Nordic’s modern interpretation of these vintage-style shells. The Jasper shell has been synonymous with vintage Rogers Drums and Gretsch Drums. Maple and gumwood have been a perennial favorite in the drum industry for decades. Nordic’s Maple is sourced from Michigan and the gumwood near Jasper, Indiana. Each ply is 1-millimeter thick, laid out in a classic long grain (L) and short grain (s) formula of Ls/Ls/sL and expertly executed by the Nordic craftsmen. In conjunction with the Jasper-style shell, Nordic has also launched a new Round Over 30-degree bearing edge. When paired with the Jasper-style shell, it provides truly classic sound.


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