Noise Engineering

Virt Iter Legio Oscillator, Librae Legio Dynamics Processor

Noise Engineering is back with two modules for a new 6HP Eurorack platform: Virt Iter Legio and Librae Legio.

Virt Iter Legio is a stereo oscillator with a distinct and versatile sound. Its three modes – Bass, SawX, and Harm – will be familiar to users of Noise Engineering’s free Virt Vereor plugin or those who have the Arturia Microfreak, both of which are based on the same algorithms.

Virt Iter Legio features independent left and right phase-modulation inputs, a sync input, and a lush vintage-inspired chorus. This small oscillator puts unique sounds right at your fingertips and makes them easy to manipulate within the stereo field. Virt Iter Legio works well for beautiful pads, hard-hitting basses, and leads that can be simple or otherworldly.

Librae Legio is a stereo dynamics processor designed for the master bus with compression, limiting, expansion, and optional saturation.

Librae Legio was designed to work with any type of patch. It’s great for limiting, compression, and expansion. Noise Engineering says they created it to be able to be applied as transparently as possible, but also so that you can crank the settings to really squish your sounds for maximal crunch. And of course they added a saturation stage that you can engage if you wish for some slight harmonic distortion: it adds a touch of color and some tape-like effects to louder elements. It’s also CV controllable and works great with mono or stereo signals.

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