September 11, 2023Guitars, Amps & Accessories


Precision Fret Rocker+, Fret Gauge Kit

MusicNomad has expanded its range of guitar fret care products with its new Precision Fret Rocker+ and Fret Gauge Kit. With this combination, guitarists can quickly and confidently evaluate their frets and diagnose potential issues on all fretted instruments. Crafted from quality stainless steel at the thickness of .07 inches with a five-axis CNC manufacturing process produces flawless flat edges with a tolerance of +/-.0015 inches. This patented design is balanced with five edges and four side lengths for fret rocking. Accompanying the Fret Rocker+ is the Precision Fret Gauge, an ideal tool for fret evaluation. Laser-etched markings and instructions printed on the handle guide players through fret levelness, fret seating, fret height and fret size assessments. This gauge is constructed with stainless steel and none of the messy oil found on traditional feeler gauges. Both tools include convenient hang holes.

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