January 30, 2023Guitars, Amps & Accessories


NC-2, NC-Passive Pickups

Two years after the release of its QuietCoil NC-1 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup, Mojotone has announced the expansion of its acoustic soundhole pickup offerings. The newest family members — the NC-2 and the NC-Passive — bring an array of tonal qualities, functionality and reliability. Based on the same active magnetic platform as the NC-1, the new QuietCoil NC-2 Mic-Blend Soundhole Pickup (pictured) offers the warmth and sound of the NC-1, but integrates a microphone blend for added versatility. This gives players the ability to acutely dial in their sound based on the given performance venue or application. Where the NC-1 and NC-2 are active soundhole pickups, the QuietCoil NC-Passive Acoustic Soundhole Pickup is a solution for players who desire passive gear. Like all of Mojotone’s Acoustic Soundhole Pickup offerings, the NC-Passive is also voiced similarly to a condenser microphone to give players an uncolored recreation of their acoustic guitar’s natural sound.


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