M10 Bridges

Mastery, a designer and builder of high-end guitar hardware, has released significant additions to its new line of M10 Bridges, as well as its line of vibratos. Mastery’s new M10 line provides the same performance as the original M1 Bridge but with a machined (not cast) aircraft-grade aluminum baseplate that is polished, and biight nickel-plated. The M10 works on any U.S.-made offset guitar produced prior to 2013 and also works on any guitar with the company’s MT thimbles currently installed. The M10.1 is the same as the M10 but comes with a set of our new MT-AOM thimbles made for guitars with Adjusto-Matic bridges, making it a drop-in replacement. All M10 bridges incorporate Mastery’s patented saddle system, which has been used on thousands of guitars from stage to studio since 2007.

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