May 17, 2024Drums & Percussion

Latin Percussion

60th Anniversary Afuche/Cabasa, Vibra-Slap III

To commemorate 60 years, Latin Percussion (LP) has expanded its percussion range with the addition of the 60th Anniversary Afuche/Cabasa (pictured) and the newly updated Vibra-Slap III. The LP Vibra-Slap was the first patent granted to the company some 60 years ago. The updated Vibra-Slap III is made using LP’s proprietary Jenigor, a nearly unbreakable plastic, which has been used in Jam Blocks for decades. The latest version features a “new strike zone,” which lets the instrument be played by hand or drumstick. LP’s second patent, the Afuche/Casaba, has also gotten an anniversary update with a new black finish featuring the red LP60 logo.

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