September 15, 2023Guitars, Amps & Accessories

ISP Technology

Hum Extractor and Decimator G

ISP Technologies has released its Hum Extractor and Decimator G real-time noise reduction system. With this new system, musicians no longer need to fight the noise problem of power line frequency hum 60Hz / 50Hz. Line frequency hum has a large harmonic content above the line frequency, which occurs at every interval of the line frequency. Single-coil pickups, while providing incredible tone, are known for picking up line frequency hum. The Hum Extractor dynamically and adaptively removes the hum components with total transparency. The Decimator G noise reduction is included to eliminate gain noise by attenuating the output signal when the instrument notes decay. The combination of the Hum Extractor and Decimator G offers the musician an ultimate noise reduction system.

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