September 02, 2022Audio & Recording


USB Type A to Type C Adapter

Hosa Technology has answered the call from musicians for more USB-C solutions with a USB Type A to Type C adapter. USB Type C connectors are needed more and more in newer devices requiring greater power and transfer speeds. This inevitably creates compatibility issues for those users with a mixture of new and old devices and USB cables. Newer devices, such as Apple laptops, no longer incorporate USB Type A ports and instead only feature Type C, leaving users with equipment dependent on USB cables that are no longer supported. The new Hosa GSB-314 USB Adapter resolves the issue by adapting a Type A connection to Type C, letting users use all previous USB connection types with the current Type C. It’s backwards-compatible up to USB 3.0 with burst speeds up to five Gbps, ensuring devices get the power and transfer speeds they require.

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