February 04, 2021Band & Orchestra

Excelcia Music

Sea Shanty Saga

Sea Shanty Saga, Excelcia Music Publishing’s latest release for instrumental quartets and flexible ensembles, rides the wave of the 2021 viral resurgence on TikTok of the 13th century sea shanty. Composer Tyler Arcari joined the fun by writing Sea Shanty Saga, which includes four varying sea shanties at grade three level arranged to be played either as a complete suite or individually, for enjoyment, performance or adjudication. Easily accessible, Sea Shanty Saga is available in four instrumental quartets (brass quartet, clarinet quartet, saxophone quartet and string quartet), as well as a four-part genuinely flexible version that can be played with any combination of C, Bb, Eb and F instruments. The flexible version can be played by a four-part chamber group and expanded up to full ensemble.


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