June 10, 2021Band & Orchestra

Excelcia Music

Jazz Ensemble Music Catalog

Excelcia Music Publishing has released its second Jazz Ensemble music catalog with songs from well-known composers as well as new voices. The 2021-2022 music embraces the tradition of big band music and forges new ground in music for contemporary jazz ensembles. This year, the publisher added a Grade 1 level (Jazz Odyssey), which features music in a variety of styles for beginners. Also new, a guitar chord frame chart specific to each piece is included in the more accessible grades in the series (Grades 1 and 1.5), showing both basic and advanced options for the guitar player. And as it has done in prior years, the publisher’s release includes live professional recordings of each piece, which can be used as a tool with students in the classroom as well as for remote learning.


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