July 11, 2022Drums & Percussion


dB One Drumheads & Cymbals

Evan’s new dB product suite includes dB Zero, a rebrand of the SoundOff mesh drumheads and the introduction of dB One Drumheads and Cymbals. The new dB Zero reduces the drumhead’s volume to the lowest level possible and is ideal for silent practice and use with drum triggers and sensors. Available in patented tom, bass and snare heads, dB One drumheads experience an authentic bounce and attack with ShockWeave Mesh, Kinetic Transfer Foam (KTF) and dB One’s Impact Patch striking surface. The new dB One suite is rounded out by dB One Cymbals, the first cymbals to sport the Evans brand and designed to balance and match with the dB One heads as a system. This approach to attenuation achieves a chime and resonance as articulate as many full volume sets but at 20% the volume.


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