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Eastman has introduced the Juliet, a new offset solid-body guitar designed by Eastman’s head designer Otto D’Ambrosio and inspired by the Romeo series. Featuring a lightweight one-piece Okoume body, Juliet is sculpted for maximum comfort and playability, complimented by an inlaid pickguard to highlight the guitar’s gracefully carved curves. A new headstock reveals Eastman’s first in-line-six design, complete with Gotoh tuners and a matching stepdown relief. A Schaller three-way Megaswitch in the upper-bout toggles between two Bare Knuckle BC Old Guard humbuckers or two Bare Knuckle Old Guard Low Wound P90’s. A three-knob configuration offers two volumes and one tone to dial in a diverse pallet of tone. Juliet comes in three colors to form the lineup, finished with either of Eastman’s Truetone or Antique Varnish signature finishes.


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