May 10, 2021Band & Orchestra

Drake Mouthpieces

Vintage Resin (VR) David Sanborn Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Drake Mouthpieces has released its newly customized Vintage Resin David Sanborn Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece. The release of the new VR model follows the launch of the Masters series David Sanborn Signature Metal Alto Mouthpiece and boasts playing comfort and the core “Sanborn sound.” The new Drake VR Sanborn mouthpiece was designed through collaboration with David Sanborn, who indicated the desire to play a mouthpiece that incorporated Drake’s Vintage Resin. The mouthpiece features an immediate response and precise attack, with just the right amount of resistance to develop rich tonal color and allow total freedom of expression. It lets the player employ a complete range of dynamics, from the bottom to the top of the instrument and is a powerful, projective mouthpiece.

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