November 18, 2023Guitars, Amps & Accessories


50th Anniversary Pedals

BOSS celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023 and has introduced special 50th anniversary versions of its DS-1 Distortion (DS-1-B50A), SD-1 Super Overdrive (SD-1-B50A) and BD-2 Blues Driver (BD-2-B50A) pedals, three of the most popular models from the BOSS compact pedal lineup. These collectible versions have been produced in limited numbers, with only 7,000 units available. The DS-1 Distortion is prized for its edgy attack and smooth sustain, while the S-1 Super Overdrive improves on the OD-1 model by introducing a tone control and other subtle circuit enhancements. The BD-2 Blues Driver offers nuanced gain tones that let guitarists’ feel and technique shine through.

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