January 17, 2022Audio & Recording

Allen & Heath

AHM Matrix Processors

Allen & Heath has added two audio matrix processors, AHM-32 and AHM-16. Harnessing technology from the AHM-64 Audio Matrix Processor, AHM-32 and AHM-16 open up the platform to the full spectrum of installed audio environments — from a single boardroom to a complete campus — with emphasis on simplicity of programming and control, plus expandable audio networking and I/O capabilities.
 The AHM-32 is built on a 32x32 processing matrix with 12 local analog inputs and outputs, making it an ideal choice for multi-room installations in hospitality, corporate and education environments. The AHM-16 features a 16x16 processing matrix with eight local analog inputs and outputs. Out of the box, the AHM-16 is well suited to single room applications and smaller multi-room environments including bars, restaurants, shops and school halls.


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