The Night Time Show, a live podcast from the Hollywood Improv. From left, Matt Walker, producer; Stephen Glickman, host; Mike Black, announcer; Mike Glazer, "Man of the People."

Zoom Announces it’s Poised for Podcasting Boom

Since the first podcast was broadcast in 2004, podcasting has grown exponentially. According to data assembled by the website, by the end of 2018 there were 700,000 active podcast series. As recently as 2014, there were only 47,000 active series.

"Zoom is a leader in portable digital audio recorders used by podcasters," said Scott Goodman, CEO of Zoom North America.

The rise in podcast creation has also driven a rise in consumption. According to, leading global business data research site, there are currently 86 million podcast listeners. Additionally, people are also listening much more frequently. Media monitoring and reporting company Nielsen states that one-in-five Americans listen to podcasts each week. Further, Fast Company reported that 36.3 billion Apple Podcasts episodes were downloaded in 2018, a 165% increase over the 13.7 billion downloaded in 2017.

"We're excited about this exploding area of content creation," Goodman said. "The more podcasting continues to grow, the greater demand there will be for audio and recording products used in content creation.

"This 'golden age of podcasting' has created a tremendous opportunity for Zoom dealers," Goodman added.