Smith Mallets' Robb Smith


Dansr Distributes Smith Mallets

Dansr has announced that it will begin worldwide distribution for Smith Mallets. Located in Phoenix, Smith Mallets was founded by Robb Smith in 2004. Smith manufactures a wide variety of mallets ranging from entry level to professional.

"The exceptional value Robb has created in his mallet line, along with the passion that comes from being an independent family-owned business, is what attracted us to Smith Mallets. That is who we are and what the brands we represent are all about," said Stephanie Murphy, sales manager at Dansr.

"Smith's passion for making great mallets is shown in his work," added Gary Winder, executive vice president of sales at Dansr. "This is a mallet line you have to experience. The quality far exceeds the price."

In the same statement, Dansr also announced that Harris-Teller will be the exclusive subdistributor for Smith Mallets in the United States.