From left, Westlake Pro President Joe Taupier and CEO George Adjieff.

Westlake Pro Opens Nashville Location

Los Angeles, California-based pro-audio dealer Westlake Pro has added a second location in Nashville, Tennessee, and marked the occasion with a grand opening party Sept. 15.

The event was sponsored by pro-audio manufacturers Avid, Universal Audio, Genelec, DPA, API and Triad-Orbit, and hundreds of guests who attended were also eligible for giveaways.

"We gave away over $50,000 worth of audio gear during [the grand opening]," said George Adjieff, CEO of Westlake Pro. "We did two studio makeovers, one being a complete Avid studio makeover and a Universal Audio studio makeover. It was a party more than anything. The Nashville music community came out in droves to support it. I was humbled, actually."

Adjieff said the new location will make the business' studio-building services — which are offered to clients throughout the country — more efficient.

"[We have] a service model and it's hard to do that on the internet," Adjieff said. "We design and build studios as well as sell professional audio equipment. The service is hard to do if you don't have boots on the ground."

Adjieff explained that Westlake Pro's Los Angeles location caters to both film and television productions as well as the music industry, but the Nashville location will have a bigger emphasis on the latter.

"Nashville is primarily geared for music, so there's slight differences," Adjieff said. "There's some different gear that's more popular in that area, equipment-wise, than we find in Los Angeles."

Joe Taupier, president of Westlake Pro, said Nashville has drawn in many from the music and post-production industries, making it the right city for a second location.

"For years, at this point, we've had friends and clients who are musicians, producers and songwriters that have migrated from Los Angeles to Nashville," Taupier said. "That's been something that's been happening in the music industry for many years at this point. We have some post-production clients that have recently done that as well, so we see the writing on the wall with that."

Nashville has also seen steady growth over the years, Adjieff noted.

"When you go [to Nashville], there are cranes on every corner downtown. There's so much building going on, the place is exploding," Adjieff said, referencing new construction in the city.

Nashville has led Tennessee's population growth and has been on an increase for the last four years, according to the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Taupier said the team at Westlake Pro will have to be committed to a relationship with the Nashville community.

"We understand that just having a [Nashville location] isn't enough. We are committed to making sure that we are offering great customer service," Taupier said. "They've opened the doors for us, and it's really up to us to be able to stay in the room with them."