PMC Receives NAMM Foundation Grant

The Percussion Marketing Council (PMC) has received another grant from the NAMM Foundation to expand its market development programs, campaigns and events that bring percussion education to all population demographics and in-school audiences.

Specific program emphasis will be directed to electronic percussion instruments and accessories that enhance the drumming learning experience. Both Drum Set in the Classroom and Percussion in the Schools educational programs will introduce and use full-size electronic drum sets to bring an immediate connection with students, teachers and parents while allowing controlled and silent drum practice as well as group drum set instruction.

"NAMM's continued support of my interactive in-school programs now with the use of electronic percussion will be of tremendous assistance in all educational, recreation, social and disabilities settings I conduct PMC presentations in," said Bob Bloom, program facilitator for the PMC. "The electronic drum set will generate immediate curiosity of the students, parents, caregivers and educators about the many rhythmic, melodic, harmonic and percussive possibilities the electronic drum set creates."

The PMC continues to create and implement wide-spread successful educational programs that connect schools, percussion retailers, parents and all learning institutions to drums and percussion instruments throughout the United States. The four specific PMC programs that will utilize NAMM Foundation funding for 2016-2017 include, Percussion in the Schools, Drums Across America, Drum Set in the Classroom and International Drum Month.

Dr. Craig Woodson has been working with the PMC for over a decade and now spends all his time expanding the newly created Drum Set in the Classroom program, which evolved from the original Roots of Rhythm PMC program.

"We began shifting almost all of our attention to drum set instruction for over a year now with tremendous success for teachers, students and the diverse PMC Membership," Woodon said. "The increased application and use of the electronic drum sets in my workshops will provide a much needed practice and performance component for everyone by providing the convenience of kit portability, the authenticity of sounds and feel of drumheads, cymbals along with the affordability and reliability. This is a great opportunity for all electronic drum set and accessory firms to get involved with the PMC Membership ... through these expanding educational programs as a result of the NAMM Foundation funding."

"NAMM's generous continued support provides the PMC a solid foundation to unify the entire percussion industry, representing all manufacturers of both acoustic and electronic percussion instruments and accessories," said Brad Smith, PMC industry relations representative and co-executive director. "We invite and encourage all industry partners to join, participate and get involved in these on-going market development programs sanctioned and funded by the NAMM Foundation."