V-Moda Founder and CEO Val Kolton with Roland CEO Jun-ichi Miki


Roland Joins Forces With V-Moda

Roland has acquired a majority stake in V-Moda, maker of high-fidelity headphones and audio devices. The strategic investment provides Roland and V-Moda with the resources to develop the next wave of music products, accelerate product development and push the boundaries of audio innovation.

"We're pleased V-Moda has joined the Roland family of brands," said Jun-ichi Miki, Roland CEO. "V-Moda revolutionized headphones and has pushed the envelope of personalization. Its Milano design, material research and professional DJ roots, along with its loyal customers, are incredible assets for Roland. It's an exciting time for both companies, and we are eager for the talent at V-Moda and Roland to collaborate. This new team and the audience that the products are going to attract will definitely inspire the future of music."

Val Kolton, founder of V-Moda, will maintain his role with the company as V-Moda's CEO. He will provide his expertise in product design for Roland's dance, DJ and electronic music division as a consultant.

"For more than a decade, we have vigorously crafted high-end personal audio products for modern audiophiles that reproduce music for a concert and club-like experience," Kolton said. "This partnership is not strictly a business deal; it's a strategic synergy that will bridge the high-quality sound, materials and design of our products with the legendary genre-changing sound expertise and commitment to excellence from Roland. Roland's 808, 909 and countless products helped to lay the foundation and forge today's music, and together we can carry on the tradition."

According to the deal terms, Roland acquired 70 percent of V-Moda, becoming the majority stakeholder in the company, with Kolton retaining 30 percent ownership.

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