Vandoren Launches S+ at NYC Event

Vandoren launched the S+ alto saxophone mouthpiece at the company's NYC Studio on June 6. Vandoren executives said the S+ adds power, projection and color to the company's V16 small-chamber, alto saxophone mouthpiece and alleviates intonation issues with certain saxophones.

"Being able to use a broader spectrum of reeds means that more people can find success with that mouthpiece, and that is a big deal for us," Michael Skinner, president of DANSR (Vandoren's U.S. importer), told Music Inc. at the launch event.

Dealers will want to consider the S+ as the S will cease to be available after the new mouthpiece is released, said David Gould, product specialist and artist relations manager for Vandoren in the United States.

Skinner added that the S+ boasted excellent performance in the field tests, which involved about 10 players in New York and several in France.

Jazz saxophonist Steve Wilson has become a fan of the new mouthpiece.

"It's got a great core which is maintained throughout the entire range of the instrument, from top to bottom," said Wilson, who has played with such artists as Dianne Reeves and pianist Chick Corea.
"Intonation is impeccable, so it's very easy to control," Wilson continued. "And it has a lot of color and real warmth. It met all my expectations."