Kelley Percussion Adds Lines, Rebrands

Applying more than 40 years of experience as a drummer, dealer and sales director for top companies, such as Sabian, Yamaha, Tycoon, MARS and Mountain Rhythm, David Kelley launched Kelley Percussion three years ago — establishing a new level of selection in percussion distribution.

Now, Kelley has added acoustic guitars and amplifiers to the product mix and, to reflect this expansion and growth, the company has recently been rebranded as Kelley Distribution.

Kelley currently offers the handcrafted, Italian line of Eko acoustic guitars and the advanced line of Acus acoustic guitar amplifiers made in Greece. Kelley Distribution is also the exclusive North American distributor for Schlagwerk Cajons, Izzo Brazilian percussion, Traps lightweight, portable, single-headed drum sets, Gewa drum cases, Sky Gel damper pads and Akai karaoke machines.

Kelley Distribution's other main lines include Cymbag, Cympad, TRX and CRX cymbals, Direct Sound headphones, Yamaha accessories and The Lift bass drum pedal dock as well as Vater, Innovative, Regal Tip and Mike Balter drumsticks, brushes and mallets.

"Our rebranding reflects our growth and the new opportunities that exist for niche manufacturers and niche distributors to be successful in today's international music market," Kelley said.