NAMM Foundation Launches 'Believe In Music' Fund
Members of NAMM's Executive Committee personally donated $25,000 to kick off the NAMM Foundation's "community chest" donor program, 'Believe in Music,' which expands efforts to keep music education strong.

"We are proud to announce the opening of the 'Believe in Music' fund with the initial goal of raising $100,000 to further support music and music education," said Mary Luehrsen, executive director of the NAMM Foundation. "There are more than 10,000 NAMM member companies around the world with founders and employees who have been touched by this incredible industry. A gift to the NAMM Foundation will enable more young people to have the same opportunity that we had: the opportunity to experience the power of music."

Seven years ago, the NAMM Executive Committee and Board of Directors brought forth a powerful vision that led to the creation of the NAMM Foundation. And through its 'Circle of Benefits' business model of reinvesting trade show revenues into promoting music and music education, the Foundation has been able to invest $15 million in promoting music making and in grant support to innovative music learning programs.

The NAMM Foundation is also a leading funder of scientific research that studies the benefits of making music and leads the national and international efforts to promote music through public service programs and advocacy efforts. These efforts have had a direct impact on strengthening music programs in our nation's schools, affecting more than 50 million children annually.

The NAMM Foundation was conceived to also be an industry community chest, where NAMM members and others who believed in the power of music education and who work in the music industry could also give back. A place where members could feel confident knowing that their donations are going to great causes, vetted by the NAMM Foundation Board of Directors and leveraged by NAMM's substantial annual giving.